About Institutional Repositories

Toyo University established the Institute of Social Sciences in July 2002 by reconstructing four traditional academic institutes attached to the faculties of law, economics, sociology, and management to improve the studies and research conducted. Furthermore, this institute redefined environment to include all social and human phenomena, including legal and economic systems or management, history, and culture, and classified its academic activities into projects, research groups, and support for seeds to implement ideas of researchers by way of administrative reform starting April 2019. The research and activities conducted in the institute are published in a Japanese journal named Gendai Shakai Kenkyu. A newly published English journal named Japanese Society and Culture disseminates academic knowledge about the Japanese society, especially after the Meiji Restoration, to researchers across the world who could not access and understand the research in Japanese. Considering that this journal aims to make Japan a leading brand in the field of academia, its digital version(e-journal) was made available starting 2019.