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Nuclear Power Plant, Population, Census, Estimated Future Population, Areas with The Possibility of Disappearing

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Comparing the population trends in the areas where nuclear power plants are located with those in the neighborhood reveals it is declining and more so in the former than in the neighborhood. The cause is thought to be that the nuclear power plant was shut down for a long time after the earthquake and the Fukushima accident. However, such a decline is not necessarily due to the decrease in employment opportunities of the electric industry itself, but from electric-related industries. Regarding the estimated future population, the percentage of nuclear-located areas with the possibility of disappearing as defined by the Regional Revitalization Council is higher than the national average. Furthermore, the population decline has already accelerated more than expected, and this will continue to increase in the future. It is feared that the long-term shutdown of nuclear power plants will have a serious impact on the sustainability of the region through the acceleration of population decline. To curb such decline, it is necessary to take immediate action.

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