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While we witnessed collapse of Islamic State’s territorial control, Jihadists threat will continue for decades. But the real threat will not come from groups such as Al Qaeda and Islamic State but its Salafi Jihadism. Of course, the ideological threat is not visible and can never be eradicated by military actions. Cyberspace has facilitated the threat to be transnational pandemic phenomenon, as proved by inspired individuals. The backgrounds of those vary by person and this ideology performs as a detonator in driving individuals into violent terrorists.

Japan is located at the periphery of Jihadist’s interest. But Islamic State declared their intention to target Japan and included it in part of East Asia Wilayah before. While Japan has no serious confrontations surrounding Muslims, this ideological threat with internet deeper penetration has potential risk to emerge anywhere in the world. Including the fact that the Olympics continue to be a target or good opportunity for terrorists, Japan needs to develop counter-terrorism measures with the most sophisticated technology and awareness for crisis management.

After personal evaluation on post-IS world with Al Qaeda, this paper looks back history of terrorism in world events focusing on the Olympic games, and then shows the linkage between Japan and Jihadists. Finally, the paper analyzes possibility on Jihadist attacks targeting Tokyo Olympics 2021.

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