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Roadside Station, New Type Grant, Sales Amount, Simultaneous Equation, Management Expense

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The number of Roadside Stations in Japan is increasing rapidly; it increased from 103 in 1993 to 1173 in 2020. From 2007, two new subsidies were given to select Roadside Stations. In this paper, we discuss the endogenous development and the role of the Roadside Stations therein. We also consider the various models we constructed to estimate how subsidies contributed to the business of the Roadside Stations. We estimate the interrelationship between sales and the factors that influence sales amount using a simultaneous equation model. An econometric analysis shows that parking space and sales share a loop (mutual and reciprocal) relationship. We also find that the number of visitors and management expenses share a loop relationship. The r Roadside Stations that received the new subsidies showed excellent results.

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