Japanese Society and Culture


Temple Management, Buddhism-Related Business, Funeral Parlor, Monk Temp Service, Large Ossuary

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In a previous article, the author examined the revitalization of Japanese temples, which are in a critical economic condition, from the perspective of management strategy. With the exception of prominent nationwide temples and tourist temples in metropolitan areas, temples are in a state of decline owing to a weakening Buddhist culture in metropolitan areas and low population density, among other causes. This paper, too, examines the rise of Buddhism-related businesses, focusing on the now-common tombstone dealers and funeral parlours. Then, the status quo of monk temp services, which have a close relationship with funeral parlours and its brokers, is considered, as is the advent of large ossuaries offering burial storage, specifically the locker system and automated transportation system. Further, regarding the building of large ossuaries, the actual problems on the ground in metropolitan areas are clarified. Finally, the author offers his views on temple management and Buddhism-related businesses in general and suggests an optimal state of being.

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Nakamura (2018) "Agenda for Temple Management and Buddhism-Related Businesses: Focusing on Monk Temp Services and Large Ossuaries" The Journal of Contemporary Social Sciences, Vol.16, pp.101-109. The Institute of Social Sciences. Toyo University