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Public Service Motivation, Job satisfaction, job stress, job performance, affective organisational commitment

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This study aims to identify the association between public service motivation (PSM), job satisfaction, and other factors using ordinary least squares and quantile regression analyses. The following findings were clarified by analysing survey data from approximately 1,600 special ward employees. Job satisfaction, affective organisational commitment, and job performance are positively associated with PSM. Second, job stress and PSM are negatively associated with PSM. Third, there is a stable positive association between affective organisational commitment and PSM regardless of whether affective organisational commitment is high or low. Fourth, as job satisfaction and job performance increased, the positive association between job satisfaction, job performance, and PSM weakened. Fifth, the negative association between job stress and PSM strengthens as job stress increases. The findings of this study, which demonstrate the diverse associations between PSM and other variables based on high-quality data, are important for advancing PSM research in Japan.

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