Japanese Society and Culture


living, way of life, post-capitalist society, steady-state society, sustainable society, regional revitalization, reginal renewal

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Japanese society is facing declining birthrates and a shrinking population. According to Yoshinori Hiroi, what is indispensable for promoting regional and urban revitalization and seeking sustainability in this situation is the selection of values and concepts for a desirable society rooted in community. This society will ultimately be realized through policy integration/comprehensive policies.

Therefore, we must envisage a desirable future society, taking the current social situation as the starting point. Robert and Edward Skidelsky see the current capitalist society as a “rich enough, poor enough society,” while Hiroi sees the future society as a “post-capitalist/post-industrial society” and considers it as in a transition to a “steady-state society” for the third time in human history. Introducing both cognitive frameworks, this study examines what framework should be used when conceiving a future society.

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